Guest list planner

Guest list planner

Last update Wed-May-2021

How do you make a guest list for a wedding? Just write everyone’s name down and send out the invitations. What could possibly go wrong? Lots of things – you might well need an online wedding guest list planner tool!

Family Guest List Planner

You might have a large family, or you might have a small family. It doesn’t matter, because there will always be a great uncle somewhere who will be offended if he doesn’t receive an invite.
Simply writing a list of names won’t cut it. Families are not all the same, and different relations interact with each other in different ways – and not always in an entirely positive manner. What you need to avoid is inviting one person at the expense of another without good reason, nor do you want to invite a particular relative if they are going to start arguments or make everyone else feel uncomfortable.

The politics of managing a large family could even bring a world class negotiator to their knees, and so it is wise to make a plan that can be easily revised and checked over by a few close relatives who are in-the-know.

Using online wedding tools allows you to build a list of names that you want to invite, and you are able to move names around, add notes, and very easily change the plan should you need to. With it being online, it is a simple matter to share it, and so other people can assist you in the task.

Friends on The Plan

As with family, friends can become a headache when invited to any kind of social event. Careful thought is needed as you won’t want to upset anyone, and you won’t want to invite people who are going to cause problems unnecessarily. Sometimes it’s not that particular people are troublemakers, but when three or four of them get together in a social setting, something always happens.

With sensible planning, you can avoid as many of these problems as possible.

Should you Include Workmates and Acquaintances on your Wedding Guest List? To begin with (for a first draft list) you should include everyone you can think of. By including the names of everyone you know, you’ll be able to go through the list and trim off those who you might not actually want to invite. As with friends and family, there will always those who interact badly with others.

You can do this with a clear conscience and the same attitude all the way through, whereas if you have already moved some people off the list only to think of others you want to add, you may feel differently as you do it. This inconsistency may nag at you and cause you to second-guess your decisions elsewhere on the list, so it is better to do it all at once.

Why You Need a Complete Guest List

A guest list works on several levels. Initially, it helps you figure out who you want to invite to your wedding, and possibly more importantly you can decide who you don’t want to invite. With a complete list of people, you will now be able to calculate what size of venue you need. If you were hoping for a small church wedding in a beautiful little town, you might decide you need to change your venue if the church seats 100 people and you’ve invited 500.

Your guest list will need to be divided into the different stages of the day, including the ceremony, the celebration party, and the celebration meal if you are having one.

This will help you plan the venue for each activity based on the size of each group, and also will allow you to come up with an estimated budget for the event. Meals and parties are often priced per person, so having an accurate number to work from in the beginning will make things easier as you get closer to the day.

You might also need to use a guest list planner for events that are occurring prior to the wedding, including bridal showers and photo shoots. The great thing about using an online planner is that you can copy and paste guests from one event to another, so you don’t need to manage a notebook full of hastily scribbled pages just to make sure the right people turn up at the right venue at the right time…and on the right day!

The Best Laid Plans

Inevitably, something will happen, and someone will have to drop out. If you are working from a notebook, this will mean lines through sections and names crossed out. This might also mean that different people can go to different parts of the day, as a slot may open up for them. Keeping track of all of this activity on paper would be almost impossible and would probably result in you tearing the page out and starting afresh. With a digital system there is no need for any of this. An online guest list planner tool allows you to move all your data around as you need to, so your guests can easily be shifted as necessary with the minimum of fuss and hassle.

Make Sending Invitations a Breeze

With a complete and comprehensive list of all the people you want to attend, it becomes a simple task to create the invitations. You are able to see who should be invited together (e.g. family units, couples, etc.) and who needs to be invited individually.

You wedding day will be a day filled with excitement, emotion, fun, and laughter. The last thing you want to be doing is worrying if you’ve invited all the people you meant to, which makes careful planning very important for a perfect wedding day.

Although it may only take a few hours from start to end, the planning will have begun days, weeks, months, or even years before. Taking the time to get it right pays dividends, and so the power of getting your guest list right should not be underestimated.